WhatsApp / Allo

I cannot stand to use WhatsApp because it’s workflow doesn’t fit into my life. The way it’s made prevents me from communicating to my friends:

  • It’s not multidevice, so it’s hard to switch devices, and I dislike using phone keyboards.
  • It’s web client, like Allo’s, requires your phone to be on with a data connection. Most of the day I have an inconsistent data connection.
  • If your phone bricks, you cannot send or receive any messages to any contact on WhatsApp or Allo. This happened to my wife. Hangouts works perfectly well for any device she wanted to use. But she could send or recieve WhatsApp messages until she got a working phone she could authenticate via SMS.

For me, it’s all about being able to communicate. WhatsApp and Allo don’t allow this. Multi-device and cloud-sync or get out.