Cord Cutting in Canada

What does it take to cut the cord?

There are three traditional cable companies in English Canada: Rogers, Shaw and Telus (I think).

There are also companies that provide cable services and cable prices using other technology, like Bell’s Fibe TV.

All of these require you to pay a lot for service you don’t need.

What are the alternatives?

All you can stream

These services let you pay a subscription fee to access to a catalogue of content.

  • Netflix
  • CraveTV
  • Amazon Prime streaming service

Shomi is defunct.

A la carte streaming

These allow you to stream content you have purchased.

  • Google Play
  • iTunes
  • Amazon?

Internet television

IPTV services that let you watch live broadcasts without cable or an antenna:

  • VMedia
  • Telus’ PikTV

Pirating content option

Most people use Kodi or similar services.

Are there more that I am missing? Any details that should be added? Let me know.