Male Circumcision

Female genital circumcision/mutilation is a very harmful practice that I don’t think really needs a discussion.

No Health Benefits of Routine Circumcision

Some early studies indicated that circumcision prevents penile cancer. But as more studies it turned out this wasn’t a factor of prevention. It’s also very, very rare.

Routine removal of the appendix and tonsils have also fallen out of favour. Turns out there is more risks than we thought, and very little benefit to most people. The same is true about circumcision.

WHO statement on circumcision preventing HIV in developing countries is real. But they do not recommend routine infant circumcision. Further, studies often failed to account the differences between the two groups. There are many reasons for the differences:

Because those men knew they were in the treatment group in the first place, had less sex over the duration of the study (because they had bandaged penises for much of it), and had safer sex when they had it (because they received free condoms and special counseling from the doctors), thereby reducing their overall exposure to HIV compared to the control group

No health organization in the world recommend routine infant circumcision. (Except maybe this one?)

Health risks

People die in the US every year during circumscions. No medical procedure is safe. But is it warranted to do this routinely? At this point, it seems not.